There are NO 2022 local or State pageants required to compete in the National finals.

  • I understand state contestants are chosen on a first apply, first basis. 

  • Participants who paid the full entry fee, have the option of their first choice. 

  • The National entry fee is  $795 Sr. Division 

  • Submit a $150 deposit or full entry to initiate the application process on the link provided.

  • Payment plans are available through the National  Office and must be made in advance.


  • Crown and sash will be released with full entry fee.


  • Miss American Nation Pageant may represent ANY  State or Region that is available.

  • Contestants understand that the National competition fee must be paid in full before competing in the national competition and/or awarded the national title.


  • Paid fees are NOT refundable and not TRANSFERABLE in full or in part under any circumstances.

  • There are substantial fees associated with producing a pageant.

  • Any payments made are used  to finance the weekend for you and your fellow delegates.

  • Please understand that when you register and pay the entry fee, you have an obligation to fulfill and follow all guidelines,

        deadlines or payment schedules.

  • There are never any chargebacks to a credit card or on PayPal once your payment is received as

         you are making payment for "services" and not "goods"


  • There is a $35 dollars fee assessed for any returned check.

  • Paypal deduct a 4% Paypal fee: if there’s a fee attached to your payment (fee will be added to the final bill).


  • Contestants and supporters are responsible to secure their own travel arrangements.

  • Contestants and supporters are responsible for their own air or ground transportation to and from the host


  • Contestants and supporters are responsible to book their own hotel arrangements.


  • Contestants understand that the national Director may change the location of the National competition as deemed necessary.

  • It is understood and agreed that, even after such notice, Miss  & Ms. American Nation may reschedule the

        national  pageant to conform to its commitments relating to Miss & Ms. American Nation (and the pageant may
        even be postponed)


  • I understand and agree that if I am selected as a contestant or national titleholder, all decisions concerning

        production, promotions, photographs, advertising, program, social media, internet, website, appearance and all
       other aspects of the Miss. American Nation pageants as well as throughout my year of service are solely at the
       discretion of the national stakeholders. 

  • I agree as a Miss American Nation Queen, I understand my state or regional title concludes  at the conclusion of the finals. 

  • If the contestant do not win the national title and wishes to continue representing their title throughout the

       year they are free to do.



  • Tattoos are accepted without any point deduction


  • Contestants will be respectful of everyone’s time and be punctual to all Pageant schedule events. 

  • Contestants will be courteous, polite and act in a professional manner during the Miss & Ms. Pageants.

  • Contestant/Parent /legal guardian  give permission to the Miss  American Nation to forever use my photographs, speeches, testimonials, videos, etc. for publicity purposes and future material without compensation.

  • Good sportsmanship is always a must contestant and supporters displaying poor sportsmanship will be asked to

         leave the pageant without the benefit of a refund of any kind, will not be invited back to the pageant and will forfeit
         any titles, prizes or gifts awarded.

This is a step-up cash prize list. The more entries, the cash prize increases.

  • I /parent/legal guardian understand that cash won would be  2022 Jr division 1-5 contestant in each division $200

  • 1-5 contestants in each division $300

  • 6-10 contestants $500 USD

  • 11-15 contestants $750 USD

  • 16-20 contestants $1,000  USD

  • 21-25 contestants $1,500 USD.

  • I/parent/legal guardian understand that should I win at the national level that I will receive the full cash award upon successfulI

         completion of my reign at the Grand Finals.

  • Successful completion of my reign is defined as representing the Miss  American Nation Brand with the highest moral character, promoting the pageant,attending events.

  • Winners/parent or guardian understand any payment over $600 they are responsible for any taxes.  A 1099 will be given.

  •  The winners agree to return to the final to crown the new national winner. Violation to this rule will result in forfeit of cash award.

I also understand that Miss  American Nation are not responsible for any prizes or awards that are forfeited or sponsor requesting additional payment for services. We do not guarantee sponsor gifts.


  • Applicant /parent/legal guardian agrees that if selected as a state or regional titleholder and  is unable to compete in the

         national  pageant FOR ANY REASON that she will forfeit her state or regional  title and that there are NO REFUNDS

         under any  circumstances, NOR any funds TRANSFERABLE. 

  • I will be an honorable representative of the Miss  American Nation Pageants. My conduct, attire and overall

        appearance will be reflective of the pageant overall standards.

  • I will not wear clothing or engage in anything that would be deemed inappropriate.  

  • My social media page will display posts consistent with the ANP Brand, such as service, charity, opportunities,

        castings etc. 


  • A Facebook private group will consist of Conference call meetings, pageant deadlines, welcoming

        contestants, list of activities, and more!


  • There may be changes to our format, rules, regulations, schedule, activities, policies, etc. By entering the pageant, you agree to abide by any and all changes made. 


  • I understand and agree that any problem, concern or complaint should be communicated ONLY to Mrs. Debbie-

        CEO of ANP pageants. 

  • To handle the problem on site you need to communite with the Director so the issue can be handled before leaving the pageant.  Once contestants leave the pageant, The pageant will not get involved in the after the fact complaints.

  • The pageant will not tolerate any bullying of any kind. 

  • Contestants/titleholders will refrain from posting inappropriate photos, vague or negative posts, offensive language or slang images with

        alcohol, drugs or tobacco on social media sites, blogs, websites, or verbally.  

  • I understand that in representing ANP, I am an extension of the organization and that with this responsibility

        comes many amazing opportunities during my present reign and in the future.

  • I understand I must make at least (2) appearances per month during the year of service. (failure to make required appearances will result in forfeit of cash award). (NO exception) this is a job.

  • I agree to protect the Miss American Nation by refraining from posting negative comments, speaking negatively,

        or engaging in any form of negative communication about the pageant producers, directors, staff, titleholders,
        volunteers, sponsors, or any other event, person or product associated with the Miss/Ms. American Nation Pageants.
        These actions and similar actions can cause harm to the pageant, and the consequence of such actions may result
        in legal action. 


  • Contestants will advise her family, friends or supporters that no one is allowed on stage immediately after the

        crowning to allow time for the pageant Photographer to take the official pictures of the winners and the court.   

  • Contestants will advise family, friends and supporters that NO photography of any kind allowed in the ballroom

         failure to comply will result in removal from the ballroom without any refund.

  • I understand that photos must not be taken in the dressing room during pageant competitions. Taking photos in

        the dressing room by contestants may result in immediate disqualification.    

National titleholders agree…

  • She /parent/guardianwill sign the national Agreement right after the pageant. That she is the Official Spokeswoman for the

       Miss American Nation Pageants during her year of service. “YEAR” MISS AMERICAN
      “YEAR” AND MS. AMERICAN NATION “YEAR” titles is the overall winner’s main pageant or competition- and that she
       agrees to give her time and energy to this pageant title, and this title only during her International year of service.
      This is to prevent confusion from any other pageant systems. “This is job”

  • To promote the Miss AMERICAN NATION Pageants to any and all potential sponsors and contestants.

  • To return to the national pageant after the year of service in order to receive the Overall Queen of the Year (if eligible and the Cash award) NO exception if those rules are not fulfilled.

  • To make herself available for appearances, attend events, give back to the community.

  • National  titleholders must make a minimum of (2) or more appearances per month.

  • To provide the Miss AMERICAN NATION Pageants photos of each appearance on social media or email.

  • To wear sash and crown or Sash to all appearances otherwise it does not count as an appearance.

  • To upkeep the social media postings – Facebook, twitter or Instagram

  • To be available once per month for the conference call with the contestant Coordinator.

  • To be available if called upon for judging or assisting at other approved pageants.

By registering, paying the entrance fee, and being "accepted", this is a basic contract where you do agree to follow
our simple guidelines, adhere to deadlines and always be a good role model and a good sport. You make choices to
do appearances and be involved. Unlike other pageants, you have the choice to be an upbeat titleholder and make
appearances or community service efforts when you are able. The pageant does not  pay any fees associated with  transportation.
We realize you have other activities in your life but you are required to make a minimum of 2 appearances per month throughout your reign.

There are NO refund of any kind, no transfer towards another year.

The decision of the Judges is deemed final; please accept the scores as final from the panel of judges. Please urge
your friends and family to respect the decision of the judges. The Director of the pageant has no say in who wins;
it is left entirely to the judges.

Everyone in your party is always a good sport. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any event or to rescind any
title for poor sportsmanship or negative behavior or actions on the part of any contestant/national 
titleholder or anyone in their party. We feel it is not necessary to expand on poor sportsmanship. ALWAYS be
positive and upbeat and respectful of everyone around you at any function, appearance, pageant, etc. and
hopefully in your own personal lives. We are confident that no matter what the outcome, YOU WILL HAVE A
POSITIVE EXPERIENCE. Congratulate ALL new  queens, just as you will want to be congratulated by
them if YOU win!!! Should you win please be advised that we are only interested in queens who want to be loyal to
the Miss American Nation Pageant system and are willing to devote a full year to your title. If you do not
win, consider returning. It’s a GREAT way to stay involved with ANP Pageants!

By participating in the Miss  American Nation Pageants, I understand and assume all risks of
injury which may occur while competing in the above-named pageant, and all its activities. You hereby grant full
permission to use your name, picture, or likeness on any media (including the Pageant website), facebook,
Instagram, twitter and any form, brochure, and any other record of participation in above named pageant for any
publicity and/or promotional purpose(s) without obligation to you or your successors, assigns, or liability by the
publisher or promoter. You also hereby release the Miss American Nation Pageants volunteers, actions of other
people including, but not limited to, participants, spectators, event officials, and participating sponsors and any of
their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, employees and agencies, and
(collectively, be released from any liability whatsoever, and waive any and all causes of action, related
to any claims, costs, injuries, losses, or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the Pageant
(including, without limitation, claims, costs, injuries, losses and damages related to personal injuries, death,
damage to or destruction of property, rights of publicity or privacy, defamation or portrayal in a false light, whether
intentional or unintentional), whether under a theory of contract, tort (including negligence), warranty or other

Minor Contestants/parent/legal guardian/contestants/s attest that they are in good physical condition and capable of participating in the above-named pageant.

I understand the above rule, regulations and Understanding double with the official Contract.
That must be signed before competing.