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Yazmine's life dream is to create positive impacts in the world, and she hopes to one day become the President of the United States.
Enriched with travels, Yazmine's passion for Human Rights has served as her foundation and platform in life. As an entering high school senior and being a distinguished high honor roll student, Yazmine has fallen in love with her studies and has been highlighted with prestigious honor societies.
As the editor of the school newspaper, she writes about current events and helps other people see the world through a more positive and proactive lens. She is also a member of her school's debate team and has served as a judge for the Tri-State area.
Yazmine, having founded a popular school club: Breaking News Club, she motivates and assists memebers to develop their own opinions and ideas of current issues. During her free time, you can find Yazmine volunteering around her community and around the globe.
Having been the youngest inducted officer in her town's Leo's Club she has worked her way up to the role of President! She enjoys lending a helping hand to her teachers and staff during the school and summer years, she is a aprt of the RedCross family, and she volunteers with amazing children with disabilities for SPARC.
Her not so distant goal is to get into a prestigious universty to earn her Juris Doctorate degree to continue fighting for human rights. 





My name is Shantavia Norman. I am thirty-one years old. I was born into the military life, in Germany. My dad live and served in Germany for six years. He served in the Army for 26 years. I have experienced the food, the way of living, and some of Germany's background until we moved. In 2001, my mother, my sisters and I, moved to Chesapeake, Virginia with my grandmother, until my dad joined us in retirement.

I have three beautiful daughters, whom I love very much. I graduated from Deep Creek High School in the year of 2008. I then went to The Art Institute of Virginia Beach to study in Culinary Arts. I attended The Arts School in 2016, where I studied culinary arts. I always wanted to cook since I was eight, admiring my father work in the mas hall in the military, serving hundreds of soldiers.


I graduated from the Art Institute in 2019 with my associates degree. I always had a dream that I could do anything if I put my mind to it. Having three daughters in tow, and the mindset  with hard work and having dedication, I can go after all my dreams.

That's when I decided to follow my dreams to be a model. I started modeling in February 6, 2019, my birthday. One thing I can say it help me out through a hard divorce. While modeling, self encouragement stepped in to push me to do my other dream, pageantry. I competed in my first pageant in 2020.

My first pageant system was MCG & ANP Pageantry. Competing in this pageant system encourage another part of me. In 2020, I placed first place runner up in ANP. Knowing that my first pageantry I place in that ranking, drove me to go after that crown and sash again.

In 2021, I went through so much pain, heartache, and trouble to get to the crown. On August 7th, I was finally crowned the new Ms. Culture Galaxy 2022.

I will reign with persuasion, confidence and meaning. I'm going to push my platform and bring many other ladies to this amazing sisterhood.

My platform is, promoting single mothers to push for excellence in inspiring careers. I intend to set that in motion. Single mothers need encouragement and a support system. That's will be me.



I have been involved in pageantry for 6 years.  It has been rewarding and given me balance.
As Ms. Plus Culture Galaxy 2022 I’m looking forward to continuing my reign with appearances, social media and community service. 


My platform is called H.E.L.E.N., Helping Elders Live Efficiently Now! As an Advocate for Senior Citizens my goal is to continue to educate, promote awareness, and community outreach. 

The three words that describe me are compassionate, tenacity and perseverance. Some of my accomplishments I’m proud of are having my daughter Akilah who is 27,


Being a Medical Records Consultant gives  me the opportunity to travel around the country, and Pageantry which I’ve been fortunate to encourage women and children from all walks of life   and serve various communities through volunteering.

I am originally from Chicago and have been in the Durham area almost two years. I’m excited to continue my career in the Durham area.


Living her life like it’s golden, Teresa Tee Bolden, also known worldwide as Tee Bolden, is originally from Columbus, Mississippi where she grew up as a tomboy, played in the mud, climbed trees and everything boys would do. She even enjoyed baseball and football. Tee used to love to play outside but now she loves playing in makeup and mentoring others. 


Tee is married to her high school sweetheart of 31 years Retired Military Chief Warrant Officer, Orlando Sypador Bolden & they are blessed with 4 children Demarcus-Rest in Heaven, Milton 34, Jeremiah 29, Tiara 25 and a VCU Nursing Student They also have 2 amazing grandchildren, Emerald 13 and Xzavier 12.


Teresa Tee Bolden is a published author, speaker, mentor, entrepreneur, CEO of PGGS, leader of several community groups and now the first MS Classic Culture Galaxy 2022 for women over fifty (50). As a published author, her books Recipes for My Daughters and Life Recipes for My Daughters Workbook share tough subjects and tell the reader how to talk to daughters of all ages about tough subjects. She has a passion for helping women and teen girls fulfill their dreams of realizing who God intended for them to be. Her passion for writing this book is to establish unbreakable relationships between mothers and daughters along with bringing community together, to heal families and change the world one step at a time. 


Through overcoming life’s challenges, one of the most important skills she learned was emotional management.  After childhood trauma, becoming a teenage mom, the death of her son Demarcus due to suicide and being diagnosed with breast cancer, she was able to overcome it all, build strength and courage. Tee Bolden is passionate about volunteering for educational and speaking events in her community for breast cancer awareness, domestic violence awareness, and suicide prevention.  

She uses her platforms to teach thousands of women and teenage girls about self-care and self-worth. She hosts an Annual Breast Cancer Awareness event with guest speakers and survivors who share their success stories and receive swag bags with gifts and informational material about breast cancer for women and men.   

Teresa Tee Bolden is currently a Mary Kay Future Executive Sales Director who gives back to the community by donating care kits to breast cancer and domestic violence survivors, health care professionals, nursing home residents and the homeless, just to name a few. As an Empowerment Coach for women, she has earned numerous awards such as a Triple Star Achiever, Double Star Achiever, Most Improved, Gold Medal Award and Gloria Mayfield Banks Awards. She has been featured in Breathe Again Magazine, Mary Kay Applause Magazine, Virginia Pilot Newspaper, Gloria Mayfield Banks Area Newsletter and News Channel 13 WVEC with Ashley Smith for her community service which is currently on YouTube.  

She competed in a pageant for the first time at the age of 51.  As MS Classic Culture Galaxy South Africa, she realizes that beauty comes in all ages, backgrounds,

heritages, shapes and sizes. Tee Bolden currently reigns as the very first MS CLASSIC CULTURE GALAXY 2022!   

Her Motto is, “GET EXCITED!” Tee is known for her smile and positive attitude.  She is motivated by seeing others succeed.  Tee Bolden’s current passionate platform is Breast Cancer Awareness. As a survivor, she gives hope to those going through treatments, and encourages them that they can WIN! She currently lives in Hampton Roads, Virginia and is always looking forward to serving the community.

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Dr. Jessica Wilson, affectionately called "Jai Bella", is an accomplished author, activist, actress, recording artist, and entrepreneur.
Dr. Jessica is an advocate for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Her acting credits include lead roles in the stage plays "When love isn't enough " and "Freedom ain't free".
In 2004, she received her Biblical Studies diploma, and honorary Doctorate degrees in Sacred Music Psalmistry and Ministry from NCI Bible College. 2009, she received her BS from Troy University Montgomery, 2012 her Master's degree from the University of Phoenix, and became a certified Master Holistic Christian Counselor in 2016.
Dr. Jessica is an active member of the NAACP, and sits as the Founder and CEO of Theta Phi Sigma Christian Sorority Inc. Through this non-profit, she serves as the catalyst that teaches women how to build sisterly bonds, and merge spirituality with everyday life.

Her passion for community service has been recognized across the country, and she is the recipient of proclamations and awards from the House of Representatives, the states of Louisiana and Montgomery, the Advertiser King Award, the Free to Be Award, the prestigious World Humanitarian Queen Award, and has been featured in WOW magazine, World Class Beauty Pageant Magazine, and the featured cover for Beauty on the Bay magazine.
She has held the title of Ms. Chamber and Ms. University Choir, Ms. Gold, Ms. Afro Native American Culture Galaxy, Mrs. Georgia Plus America, Ms. Plus America Cover Girl, and currently reigns as Ms. USA Culture Galaxy.

Wherever she goes, Dr. Jessica can be found tirelessly spreading awareness about her current platform, the Pink Tourmaline Mentorship Program for young women, that teaches them to love and value themselves, birth dreams instead of babies.

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