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Miss American Nation Pageant












Mrs. American Nation-


“Sam I am,” Samantha C. Womack also known as Sam Womack, was born in Landstuhl, Germany (Father served in the U.S. Army,) but she grew up in Sumter, SC when she and her family moved back to the U.S. when she was 2 years old. Her upbringing was multicultural. Her mother (deceased) is Puerto Rican and from “Do or Die” Bed-Stuy (Brooklyn, NY) and her father is a black and from Brownsville (Brooklyn, NY.) She often played with her older brother and his friends, climbing on top of pump houses, getting her hair and dresses dirty from playing in the dirt, and her tights and her dress shoes would get damaged as well. For entertainment, she loved sitting on the steps at her grandmother’s house, watching military planes practice bombing exercises in a field nearby. Today, Sam still gets her hands dirty (wearing protective gloves) as a Nationally Certified Paramedic and Critical Care Registered Nurse. For fun, Sam also enjoys getting her hands dirty playing with her son, playing in make-up and beauty products. Sam is married to the man she met after swearing she “woulddie an old single lady with 11 cats,” a mechanical engineer, and they have one child Maximus.Sam is a Health Services (School Nurse) Supervisor in a school district located in a high crime area, a volunteer Paramedic, a Field Training Officer (prepares and evaluates new providers to be cleared as Attendant-In-Charge,) and a Personal Use Consultant for Mary Kay. Through overcoming life’s challenges one of the most important keys she acquired is self-love. After enduring childhood trauma, 3 deaths in a 3-month period- her grandmother Juana, her grandfather Victor, and her mother Maria due to stage 4 Uterine Cancer (found incidentally,) she was able to overcome it all by seeking help, to bring her to the point of building self-love and knowing her true worth.

Sam is passionate about volunteering for educational and speaking events in her community about Women’s Cancer. Women’s cancer is not widely spoken about. With increased awareness, women will have the knowledge and power to be strong advocates. Prevention, by promoting self-care. Early Detection, by advocating for routine reproductive imagining via ultrasound. Sam competed in a pageant for a second time at the age of 43. The first pageant she competed in at 18 took a toll on her sense of self-worth. As Mrs. American Nation she knows beauty comes in all ages, backgrounds, heritages, shapes, sizes, and statuses. Sam reigns as the very first Mrs. American Nation 2023.

Her motto is “Bust a Move.” Sam is known to be an Angel in Disguise. She may seem no nonsense, strictly business, but once you get to know her, she is the most compassionate and caring person who will be your voice when you cannot speak. She is motivated by ensuring the right thing is being done. Sam’s current close to the heart platform Women’s Cancer is in loving memory of her mother Maria, who fight a strong 1-and-a-half-year battle with stage 4 Uterine Cancer. Sam made the following promise to her mother, before she transitioned to her Heavenly graduation, “This fight is not over, this pathological microscopic pathological criminal will be caught, and arrested for the evil it has done to all women.” She gives hope to those whose mother or another woman close to them graduated to Heaven or is currently fighting the fight, this microscopic pathological criminal (Women’s Cancer) will be caught and arrested early before it has the opportunity to take another woman’s life or make another woman get in the ring and fight. She lives in the Hampton-Roads, Virginia area and is always looking forward to serving the




 Nicole Bornemann has recently been crowned Ms. Classic American Nation 2022!  She has participated in pageants for over thirty years and has competed at the state level in the Miss USA Pageant System, the Mrs. America Pageant System, and at the county level for the Miss America Pageant System.  She has also been a judge, competitor, volunteer, and emcee for many other pageant systems as well.  She has held the pageant titles of  Next Level Ms. Elite, Ms. Rhode Island Petite International, and Miss Empire Royalty to name a few.  Nicole is a special education teacher with a Master’s in Education from Felician College and a Bachelor’s in English/Communications from Fairleigh Dickinson University.  She has been actively involved in her community by serving on the executive committee for the Home and School Association for three years at her children's elementary school, acting as a former school representative for her children’s school at board of education meetings, as a class parent for three years, and presently volunteers her time at her children’s high school events.  She also has volunteered in her community by helping to provide supplies to animal shelters.  Nicole’s platform is based on improving mental health care within the United States because this is a problem that has been ignored for too long and  needs to be addressed now.  She lives in New Jersey with her twin boys, Kevin and Eddie, and her two cats.

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